December 22, 2012

cry baby melo? like Lebron? dude won a championship last year… not a fan of him but guys like melo and james are so strong and athletic that reality is they aren’t getting calls, In melos situation if every game was called fair hed be at the freethrow line 30-40 times, and noah would be ejected in the first quarter. Noah is good, Chandler is a better anchor, this night was an exception since the officials were letting joakim do what he pleased. Thibbs vs woodson common let the record speak, we didnt get out coached we got outhustled a little bit more importantly we got out-reffed. the calls early in the game dictated how the game would go. For your last pathetic statement Ill agree with, the officials were horrible on both sides, but that was only after they were hearing it from the crowd for messing the game up to begin with. You guys managed to get a 4 point victory playing 5 on 8 with the officials wearing jordan jerseys under those stripes, are you truly proud of this victory. Jan 11 be ready because we will have official officials there not the jokes that were blowing whistles left on right on my blue and orange last night. To all the Bulls fans in this post…GET OVER THE PAST, yeah jordan won mad titles for you guys, yes Isiah Thomas sent the knicks to the worst decade in history. WERE BACK and you better understand that everytime you look at the standings and see our win percentage higher than yours. Cant wait for DRose to be back so you guys realized its not just a matter of plugging him in and yall will realize the work it will take for chicago this year to be dominant, maybe next year this year belongs to BLUE AND ORANGE! | Hang Time Blog

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HANG TIME, Texas — The only things missing were Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing clubbing Michael Jordan like a baby seal as he drove through the lane, Charles Smith missing layups or maybe Jeff Van Gundy derisively referring to Phil Jackson as Big Chief Triangle.

It was just like old times when the Knicks and Bulls collided on Friday night at the Garden — tempers flaring, heads butting, technical fouls flying and, in the end, of course, Chicago winning.

Where else but the Big Apple would it be more appropriate to make snap judgments and leap to hasty conclusions? Especially since the New York media have spent the first third of the season once more pounding the drumbeat of hope — or fantasy — for the Knicks’ first championship since 1973.

This was the second time in two weeks that the feisty Derrick Rose-less Bulls had…

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April 26, 2009

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